About the translators

Kathryn Phillips-Miles and Simon Deefholts have enjoyed wide-ranging careers including teaching, translation, lexicography and finance, and have spent several years living and working in Spain. They have jointly translated literary works from Spanish into English across several genres, including novels, short stories, mediaeval minstrel songs and a number of plays for the Festival of Spanish Theatre in London. Further details of a selection of their work can be found by clicking on the top bar.

The assignments which pass across a translator’s desk can be many and varied (one of the delights of the profession) and may involve ghosting on behalf of others. Our ghosts have included adaptations of Golden Age plays, speeches for diplomats and even a letter from the Bishop of Manila to Philip II of Spain!

There is of course a mundane side: we also specialise in translating texts relating to banking and finance and associated legal documentation, based on many decades of direct experience within the financial sector.

If you would like to commission a translation, please get in touch through our contact page on this website.

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