Julio Llamazares: Wolf Moon

Wolf Moon by Julio Llamazares

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“A tense, short, heart-in-the-mouth read set in the aftermath of the Spanish civil war about soldiers trying to get home.”
– Anita Sethi, The Observer

“The Spanish version of the novel has a lyrical, poetic quality to its prose. The masterful translation of Kathryn Phillips-Miles and Simon Deefholts manages to preserve Llamazares’ distinct style, presenting a text that is both arresting and pensive.”
– Dr Chris Bannister, Arts & Humanities Research Council

Defeated by the Nationalists, four Republican fugitives flee into the Cantabrian mountains at the end of the Spanish Civil War. They are on the run, skirmishing with the Guardia Civil, knowing that surrender means certain death. Wounded and hungry they are frequently drawn from the safety of the wilderness into the villages they once inhabited, not only risking their lives but the lives of those sympathizers helping them. Faced with the lonely mountains, harsh winters and unforgiving summers, it is only a matter of time before they are hunted down. Llamazares’s lyrical prose vividly animates the wilderness, making the Spanish landscape as much a witness to the brutal oppression of the Franco regime as the persecuted villagers and republicans.

Published in Spanish as Luna de lobos in 1985, Wolf Moon was the first novel that centred on the Spanish Maquis to be published in Spain after Franco’s death in 1975. It was made into a film in 1987, directed by Julio Sánchez Valdés, with a cast including Santiago Ramos, Antonio Resines and Kiti Mánver.

“Julio Llamazares, the accomplished author of such books as La lluvia amarilla (Yellow Rain), uses stark language and striking images to bring to life one of the most painful episodes in recent Spanish history.”
– Nick Caistor, The Times Literary Supplement

“Just finished this astonishing book. So beautiful and sad, it shed (moon)light upon an aspect of the Spanish Civil War & its aftermath that I knew little about. It’s a gorgeous work of translation too – a real triumph for Simon Deefholts and Kathryn Phillips-Miles.”
Gary Michael Perry, Acting Head of Fiction, Foyles

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