José Ovejero: Men Are So Strange!

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Festival of Spanish Theatre in London, 2018

José Ovejero has adapted three of his own short stories to produce a one-man stage performance: ¡Qué raros son los hombres! (Men Are So Strange!). Three very different monologues; three very different outcomes, each exploring the darker side of the human psyche.  Ovejero’s aim “is to close the distance between author and reader” by moving his work onto the stage, where he can present his words directly and create a “live and immediate experience” between the audience and himself, under the experimental direction of Eusebio Lázaro.

The production is currently touring selected venues in Europe and the Americas, and was brought to London in June 2018 as part of the Festival of Spanish Theatre (Festelón), with surtitles translated by Kathryn Phillips-Miles and Simon Deefholts.

  • Order a copy of José’s novel Inventing Love here

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